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Our CLub!

Welcome to the Cannabliss Social Club, a cannabis grow club in the process of establishment. What sets us apart from others? Our foundation lies in community support, prioritizing quality over profit, and aiming to cultivate the finest cannabis flowers using natural techniques for our exclusive members. Our goal is to create a Community Supported farm, supported solely by our members, without relying on external funding from investors or banking institutions.

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Membership Benfits

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up t0 50g / Month

Joining our club grants you the opportunity to regularly receive a share of the harvest.

Home Grow Advice

If you signed up for the HomeGrow tier, you get top quality genetic seeds, cuttings, and 1 on 1 coaching for your first harvest.

Cannabis social Nights

You'll also enjoy special access to our cannabis café nights, edibles dinners, and other psychedelic sessions and outings as a member.

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Secure your share of the First Harvest by subscribing now.

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Top Strains

We select the finest cannabis cup-winning strains sourced from top genetic breeders in the Netherlands and Spain.


From the Heart

Our Grow experts are passionate individuals who work with dedication, sharing their expertise and providing top-quality cannabis products to spread their love for the plant.

Organic Food

organic Quality

We thrive by solely utilizing natural products in our cultivation process. No chemicals, artificial nutrients, or pesticides are employed in our growth methods.


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